Rainforest Hike

Rainforest Hike


  • 5km guided Adventure hike
  • Full Breakfast
  • Aerial Tram
  • Picnic lunch and swim by the river
  • Bilingual certified expert naturalist guide

More activities

  • Natural exploration

    Natural exploration

    Discover the magic of nature with this true exploration of the rainforest. Our guided Natural Exploration tour will offer spectacular views and trails to enjoy and learn all about our eco-system.

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  • Aerial tram

    Aerial tram

    Explore each level of the Costa Rican rain forest from the ground to the treetops. The only guided cable car tour lets you experience first-hand all the secrets of the forest while flying over the treetops accompanied by a magnificent view of the rainforest.

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  • Canopy


    Experience true adrenaline and adventure on our amazing canopy tour (zip line). Fly through and over the rainforest on the safest and most fun canopy ride.

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  • Birdwatching


    The Atlantic Park of Rainforest Adventures has been recognized by the National Audubon Society as one of the best places for birders in Central America with more than 400 species in our areas.

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  • Rainforest Hike

    Rainforest Hike

    This tour is not for those who do not take risks, it is for those who really love the forest and want to explore deeply the rainforest and live in contact with nature.

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  • Package 6 in 1

    Package 6 in 1

    Rainforest Adventures offers you the most complete eco-adventure package in the country. The "6 in 1" that includes attractive products to ensure an incredible and unforgettable natural experience full of adrenaline.

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